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Review by Mary Bardin

My son was incarcerated for a long period of time, including home incarceration for months. We had hired 6 attorneys and paid an enormous amount of money. Two attorneys resigned on the day of court. One told the court he did not even know the reason my son was Incarcerated .Attorneys refused to take the case because we were fighting city hall. My nephew gave us John Caudill’s number. He came to our house and actually listened to our side of the story No one had actually done that!
John listened to our lengthy story and assured us he wouldn’t leave us and would fight for my son. John did come to court, prepared to keep my son out of jail. John was very confident in the court room, yet very professional. His reputation was known by the judges and prosecuting attorneys.Although John was courteous and professional, he also had a client ‘s freedom as the major concern. I felt relieved by just seeing him walk into the court. My son was facing 5 years. My son was able to get off Home incarceration and get on with his life. Today, my son is in church and playing pickle ball daily! My son would be in prison if John had not had the legal knowledge and experience to defend him. People in the community remark what a. fine man my son is. He is kind, compassionate for other people. We know that God worked through John. We owe the success to John. Thanks John for believing in us and certainly for getting us through the legal system. I hope to never have to go through anything like that again, but if we do, John will be my first call. I refer friends to him.

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