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Pain Clinic Drug Trafficking Defense Attorneys in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Pain Clinic Drug TraffickingJohn Caudill Attorney at Law knows that the Commonwealth of Kentucky has been a focal point for legislatures here and across the country who are pursuing charges against anyone — from drug manufacturers and pharmacists to physicians and pain clinics — who is considered to be furthering the opioid crisis in the U.S.

Over a decade ago, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) convicted an owner of multiple pain clinics and pharmacies with illegally dispensing prescription drugs to thousands of patients, and found him guilty on all 21 counts of drug trafficking, money laundering, opening and maintaining a drug-involved premise and conspiracy charges.

From that moment forward, the DOJ has not looked back in its quest to charge everyone they can, even responsible business owners, with pain clinic drug trafficking charges to boost their conviction rates and tout their involvement in ending the opioid crisis.

This approach is jeopardizing the livelihoods of legitimate business owners and physicians throughout Kentucky, who find themselves as targets of criminal investigations for dealing drugs at both state and federal levels.

Our Bowling Green and Owensboro pain clinic drug trafficking defense lawyer knows that you have the right to defend yourself against these allegations, and we want to help.

Our Warren County criminal defense lawyer, John Caudill, is the only former Federal Prosecutor in Western and South-Central Kentucky.

Over the past 30 years, he has prosecuted and defended hundreds of people and companies during both complex state and federal criminal cases that required a precise legal strategy — from preparation to trial — to pursue and secure real results for our clients.

We can pursue the same results for you. Contact us today to learn more.

What Types of Drugs are Kentucky Pain Clinics and Physicians Accused of Trafficking?

In Kentucky, and elsewhere across the country, the DOJ has been targeting Pain Clinics for trafficking in Opioids, namely Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, or Morphine.

Unfortunately, both the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are aggressively investigating legitimate physicians and healthcare professionals who are involved in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain for alleged involvement in “pill mill” activities.

The Centers for Disease Control ranked Kentucky as one of the highest on their list of Drug Overdose Mortality by State, which has led to government officials using federal drug conspiracy laws to target healthcare professionals who work in pain clinics. In most cases, this overreaching approach to adding another name to their list of potential opioid dealers has left professionals throughout the state fighting for their licenses, businesses, and livelihoods.

If you are being investigated at the state or federal level for your involvement in pain clinic drug trafficking activity, we want to help you clear your name, so you can get back to work.

How Can I Defend My Kentucky Pain Clinic from Overreaching Government Officials?

The disturbing trend of prosecuting healthcare professionals who specialize in pain management in Kentucky must be countered by partnering with a skilled drug trafficking defense attorney who can inform you of your rights and deal directly with the state or federal agency that is investigating you and/or your organization.

When federal agencies overreach into what they believe is questionable prescription and medical treatment by healthcare professionals, they often request bank records, patient files, wholesaler records, and prescription details. These requests should be addressed by state medical boards that allow physicians and pain clinic owners to respond to these allegations through the proper licensing channels and protocols — not federal agencies that act first and ask questions later.

Our trusted Bowling Green pain clinic drug trafficking defense attorney, John Caudill, has spent over 30 years protecting the rights of individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our law firm represents individuals who have been accused of complex legal crimes where an exceptional legal defense strategy can mean the difference between incarceration and freedom.

Whether you are being investigated by overly aggressive federal law enforcement officers, or if your charges have been unnecessarily increased in number or severity by the U.S. Attorney, your case is important — to you, your livelihood, and us.

Let us help you pursue the best outcome, just as we have for hundreds of clients before you.

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John Caudill Attorney at Law offers aggressive defense strategies and trusted legal representation to individuals throughout the Bowling Green area and surrounding communities, including Owensboro, Franklin, Scottsville, Hartford, and Morgantown. Our law firm has a stellar reputation for pressing the prosecution to prove our clients are guilty by forcing them to prepare for a trial. This means we are not swayed by potential plea bargains, or negotiations we know are not in our clients’ best interests.

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