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Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Violent Crimes Defense AttorneyJohn Caudill Attorney at Law knows that if you have been accused of committing a violent crime in Kentucky, you are going to need a lawyer right away. Violent crimes are those that involve the use of force or injury, and the severity of these charges can increase quickly when there are aggravating factors involved — like the use of a weapon, or in domestic violence circumstances.

Our Bowling Green and Owensboro violent crimes defense lawyer knows the consequences of a conviction are far reaching and may include substantial fines, long incarceration periods — including mandatory minimum prison sentences — and even death sentences when the crime is murder.

If you are facing violent crime charges, you must act quickly to protect yourself from intimidation by law enforcement and prosecutors. You have rights and are entitled to an aggressive defense strategy that is customized to meet your needs. Let’s get started.

What is Considered a Violent Crime in Kentucky?

In the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, violent crime is comprised of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

In Kentucky, violent crimes are identified as similar offenses, and include:

  • Aggravated Assault.
  • Armed Robbery.
  • Firearm/Weapons Offenses.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Manslaughter.
  • Murder.
  • Reckless Homicide.
  • Sexual Offenses, including Rape.
  • Violent Crimes with a Domestic Violence Component.

If you have been arrested and charged with a violent crime in Kentucky, you will need a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands how your case will unfold on both sides of the courtroom. Our Warren County violent crimes defense lawyer, John Caudill, is the only former Federal Prosecutor in Western and South-Central Kentucky. This gives our clients a significant advantage when facing serious felony charges.

Over the past 30 years, John has prosecuted and defended hundreds of people during both complex state and federal violent crime cases that required a precise legal strategy — from preparation to trial — to pursue and secure real results for our clients. We do pursue the same positive outcome for your case, starting with hearing your side of the story.

Developing the Best Defense Strategy for Each Violent Crime Case We Manage

Talking with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged with a violent crime is the only way to ensure that your rights are protected from the start. It is also the best way to preserve all your potential legal defense options, and begin fighting to have your charges reduced or dismissed, when legally applicable. If neither of those is an option, we will design a customized defense strategy with only an acquittal as our primary goal.

Our Bowling Green and Owensboro violent crime defense lawyer will review each detail of your case to pursue the best outcome, including:

  • Any mitigating factors that may reduce the penalties.
  • The circumstances in which the accusation arose.
  • The evidence, or lack thereof, the prosecution has to use at trial.
  • The alleged victim falsely accused you.
  • The mental state of the accused at the time of the alleged crime.
  • The prosecution’s evidence was obtained through an illegal search of your property.
  • Whether there was a motive, or intent, involved when the crime occurred.
  • You are the victim of mistaken identity.
  • You were acting in self-defense or defense of another person.

If the state cannot meet its burden of proof in your violent crime case to secure a conviction, it must compromise on lesser charges or dismiss them altogether. It is our job, as your defense attorney, to introduce important details that give you the best opportunity to put these charges behind you.

Our trusted Bowling Green violent crimes defense attorney, John Caudill, has spent over 30 years protecting the rights of individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky using exceptional legal defense strategies that can mean the difference between incarceration and freedom.

Whether your arrest was the result of overly aggressive law enforcement officers, if your charges have been unnecessarily increased in number or severity by the prosecutor’s office, if you are seeking the best outcome for a crime that you would have never committed if given a second chance, or a crime that is backed by significant prosecutorial evidence, your case is important — to you, and us.

Let us help you pursue the best outcome, just as we have for hundreds of clients before you.

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John Caudill Attorney at Law offers aggressive defense strategies and trusted legal representation to individuals throughout the Bowling Green area and surrounding communities, including Owensboro, Franklin, Scottsville, Hartford, and Morgantown. Our law firm has a stellar reputation for pressing the prosecution to prove our clients are guilty by forcing them to prepare for a trial. This means we are not swayed by potential plea bargains, or negotiations we know are not in our clients’ best interests.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Kentucky, contact our trusted violent crimes defense attorney in Warren County today by calling (270) 925-0447 or contacting us online.

We are here to fight for your rights and your freedom. Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions For Our Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys In Kentucky

When a crime crosses state lines, involves multiple states, or interferes with trade between states it is charged as a federal offense. Examples may include kidnapping, gang violence, hate crimes, drug-related murder, violent crimes that occur on federal property, and weapons charges to name a few. Our dedicated violent crimes attorney in Kentucky is a former federal prosecutor who knows what it takes to pursue federal charges, and how to get them reduced back to the state level.


Yes. Unfortunately, innocent people are accused – and convicted – of crimes all the time in Kentucky and across the United States. Stating you “didn’t do it” is not going to dissuade the prosecution from moving forward with your case. This is especially true if someone has accused you of committing a crime, and you have no way of proving you did not do it. Contact our skilled defense attorney today to hear your side of the story, and to learn how we can begin diminishing the prosecution’s case and building yours for success, so you are treated fairly going forward.

John Caudill Attorney at Law knows it is difficult for those who have been accused of a violent crime to do the necessary research to partner with a skilled violent crime defense attorney. If you are researching potential legal partners on behalf of a friend or loved one, we want to hear your story, so we can determine if we are a good match for the case.

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